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Adver games


Advergames—the new-age mantra of brand promotion. Tune in to see how you can maximize the reach of your brand through games.

The recent years have seen a rapid increase in the use of wireless devices like Mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and Smart phones. This revolution has been crucial in paving way for innovations in related fields like advergaming that successfully combines the merits of advertising with gaming. Jump, besides being India’s premier multiplatform game developer, has pioneered the unique concept of brand promotion through mobile games in India.

Through the years, Jump has successfully combined the merits of advertising with its gaming know-how to promote some of the leading brands in the market today. Having created advergames for a diverse range of clientele, Jump has the required experience and expertise to seamlessly interlace the advantages of advergaming with your brand campaign. Have a look at how mobile advergames can make a difference to your brand campaign:

  • Brand Establishment

    The interactive nature of our advergames ensures that the consumer interacts with your brand and therefore the brand-identity, in its truest essence, can be readily established. 

  • Brand Recall

    Our teams at Jump ensure that they thoroughly familiarize themselves with your brand. This helps us create games that are not only truly engaging but also are an accurate reflection of your brand and its market image. The result is a higher recall rate since the consumer spends more time with your brand through the game.

  • Consumer Reach

    Mobiles are hugely successful as a lifestyle, consumer electronics product in India and have a high market penetration. This facilitates a higher rate of consumer reach for Mobile advergames and, consequently, for your brand, even in comparatively remote regions, where the Mobile culture is picking up fast. Jump’s expertise in porting Mobile advergames across a range of handsets and its tie-up with one of the largest wireless service providers in India, the Reliance Mobile World, ensures an extensive consumer reach for your brand.

  • Market Research

    Mobile games have potent market research capabilities. With Mobile advergames, demographic assessments or statistics for particular regions, if required, are also just a click away. This instant assessment feature renders incomparable speed and flexibility to research processes.